NexoPet Pro was created by passionate animal care professionals with decades of experience. We realized there was a huge need for easy, safe, effective, and
affordable wound care solutions, at home or in your veterinary office.

We couldn’t find one. So we launched our own.
Our products are formulated to improve the speed, repair, and recovery of wounds in animals of all sizes and life stages.


Our Values and Traits


We are professional

 Our business is the care of animals in need. What we do has very real impacts on both the animals and their owners and carers. We take our responsibilities very seriously and therefore maintain the highest level of professionalism in everything we do.


We are clinical

Our products work because we have invested the time and effort required to make sure they do. They are built on advanced medical science and are expertly designed. You can have confidence in us.


We are careful

We are risk adverse by nature because in animal care there is no room for chance. We check, double check and check again. We follow strict rules and only when we are 100% satisfied do we progress.


We are focused

We concentrate on animal health care exclusively because that is our passion and where we have expertise. Many of our competitors do lots of other things. We prefer to avoid distractions and to concentrate on what we do best.


We care

There is nothing more uplifting for us than a positive animal health success story. Of course it is wonderful when our products play the key role, but more important is the health and happiness of the animal. That's it what keeps up going!


We believe in equity

Whether for people or animals, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable care solutions no matter their wealth or background. 


Above all we are a team of caring people that value great health for all animals everywhere.