What You Need to Know About NexoPet PRO Wound Care

NexoPet PRO harnesses the healing powers of sea salt. Because the alkaline pH value is neutral and has a similar safety profile to saline, it doesn’t damage healthy tissue the way traditional wound cleansers can. We designed this product line with easy care in mind for pet owners and vets caring for animals of all sizes - our gels and rinses won’t sting or burn when applied to wounds, and they’re safe to use around the eyes, ears, and mouth.

What are the NexoPet Pro Products intended for?
NexoPet PRO products are intended for the management of cleaning and debriding wounds such as: skin ulcers, skin abrasions, suts, burns, intact skin, post-surgical sites, wound odors, irritations, cleaning the umbilical & naval, lacerations, cracked teats, scores, and scratches
Are these Products Non-irritating ?
Our Wound Skin & Gel and All-Natural Rinse promote healthy tissue healing, and are: Non-irritating, Non-toxic (safe if licked or ingested), Safe to use for all major animal species, Safe for all animal skin types at all life stages, Free of alcohol, steroids, and microbials, Environmentally-friendly
What should I know about NexoPet PRO Products?
NexoPet PRO Wound & Skin Gel is made of alkaline ionised purified water with sea salt (3.0 %), sodium hypochlorite NaOCl (0.2 %), and lithium magnesium sodium silicate. Sea salt contains sodium chloride as its main ingredient (NaCl = 98 %) as well as 2 % other sea salts. The increased salinity of NexoPet PRO All-Natural Rinse solution in turn ensures an optimal hyperosmotic effect so that peri-wound swelling subsides.

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