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All-Natural Rinse and Wound & Skin Gel

NexoPet PRO All-Natural Rinse uses sea salt to promote healing without damaging tissue, and reduces the chances of scarring. Made from completely natural ingredients, this rinse promotes healthy tissue healing and is non-irritating and non-toxic so it's safe to lick or ingest. Helps the cleaning of cuts, sores, abscesses, and post-surgical sites.  

NexoPet PRO Wound & Skin Gel is made with purified water and sea salt, and promotes healthy tissue healing, reduces swelling and can help neutralize wound odors. It's non-irritating, non-toxic (safe if licked or ingested), and free of alcohol and steroids for painless application. Use this gel on woundsskin ulcers, skin abrasionscuts, burns, intact skinpost-surgical sites, scratchessores, wound odors, irritations, cleaning the umbilical & navel, cracked teats, lacerations.

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